Saturday, March 7, 2009

Book Learning

Libraries are wonderful!

Starting a new hobby means needing info. When I need info, my first strategy is to turn to books. Where do you find books? At the library.

When I type "quilting" into the Calgary Public Library's search bar, a list of 770 titles comes up. Given that number, I've barely scratched the surface! But I'm giving it my best shot to look at as many of these books as possible.

Some I like better than others. I like the ones that have interesting technique and non-traditional ideas for quilting. I'm making a list and eventually will purchase some of those that I want to have on hand all the time. I've actually purchased a few books already, but will continue to add to my collection over time.

Here are some of the books I've looked at in the last couple of months....

Thinking Outside the Block by Sandi Cummings with Karen Flamme is one I particularly like and it will be at the top of my "to purchase" list.
500 Quilt Block Designs is one of many, many books of blocks. There are also a number of very good websites where you can find quilt blocks with patterns to download for FREE - always an excellent feature as far as I'm concerned! (As time permits, I will add some of my favorite links to the blog in case you haven't found them yet - since I'm always the last to know - that's probably not too likely! :) )

The books I've purchased are below. The Art Quilt Workbook: Exercises & Techniques to Ignite Your Creativity by Jane Davila is the one where I first saw the technique I used in Sedimentary Dreaming - wonky blocks and wavy blocks.
I bought the Embellished Mini-Quilts: Creative Little Works of Art by Jamie Fingal book because I love some of the ideas it shows. I'll be incorporating some of those ideas into future projects.

Wavy blocks in Art Quilt Workbook.

Wonky blocks, also in Art Quilt Workbook.
The next three pix are from the Mini Quilts book.

Kristie gave me an edition of Quilting Arts - I think I may start subscribing - I like it.
And -it's always necessary to have a basic "how to" book. The one I liked best at Chapters the day I was there is the Complete Guide to Quilting - a Better Homes and Gardens book. I wouldn't say it's the best possible book - just the best at Chapters - I was disappointed with the selection - Chapters used to carry a lot more hobby type books of all sorts. This is what happens when you wipe out the competition. Having said that, it is a good book and has provided all the info I've needed on the basics.

So my message is "Get ye to the library!"

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