Saturday, March 14, 2009

Get a Life?

Who better to "model" the quilt than its intended owner? Here is Carol with Sister Shadow Play. If we had more time I would have marched her over to the actual scene of the shadow, but that will have to be just a nice idea at this point.

Carol likes her quilt. Her comment: "It looks like it was a lot of work."

Then I showed her this blog. Her comment: "Do you have a life?"

Well.... I guess this IS my life. Blogging and quilting are the "fun for me" things. But I also work a 40 hour work week, try to make it to the fitness centre two or three times a week, do all the time consuming errands that need to be done to keep things going, have some face time with DH, keep in touch with a couple of adult kids who live in far (one day by car) and very far away (one day by plane if everything works the way it should - otherwise more like 30+ hours) places , and keep in touch with other family and friends.

I expect for most women my age (that would be "middle"), this is a fairly familiar story. We do what we have to do and try to squeeze a bit of "me time" in there somewhere. It's probably what keeps us relatively sane - though there are days when I actually have my doubts about that!

Sew - QUILT AND BLOG ON, my friends! :)

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