Monday, March 23, 2009

The Next Day

Here is the dancers with the black border and frame all stitched down.

I've got some good suggestions for names! Thanks! I'll not be doing the label for a few weeks so that will give me time to decide - and if you have any more good ideas - keep them coming!

I want to stitch some beads on to the dancing folks, which is a "by hand" project. I'll be going to Mom's for Easter so will take it with me and do some handwork there. It will keep me occupied while watching TV - a favorite past time of my Mom.

Between reupholstering some chairs for Eric, which have to be done by the Easter weekend when we will be delivering his furniture (long story, but gee I wish I had me for a Mom!), I also want to start my next quilt, which will be for Pam. Amy gets the dancers. I'll be seeing Pam and Amy when I go for my "girls' weekend" in May to Abbotsford. So that's the deadline for both.

I picked up this Loralie panel (I think - I'll have to check that point). Anyway - I think it's really cute. And appropriate for a "girlfriends" theme. Pam and I go way back to high school in Ottawa - that would be the 70s. So a long time! This one will be "Good Times Girlfriends."

There are actually two panels here. My first thought was to use it all in one quilt - but I think that might be too big and too much. So my second thought is to make two quilts. I'll slice up the individual sections (Kristie would say "fussy cut") and reassemble with some quilt blocks as dividers. Still working on that, although I have some experimental blocks already assembled. Didn't get pix of them, though. Next time.

Can't wait till DH gets the new sewing room done! I want to make a special spot for taking pix - instead of my living room floor!
Today it was back to work - so not much quilting will get done for a few days now.

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