Sunday, January 31, 2010

Filling in the Blanks

I'm back to Beetlejuice this weekend - filling in the blanks. I've made quite a bit of progress, although I had hoped to get the top done this weekend. Wishful thinking. Too many other things going on. But, as you can see, it's mostly just the top and right top that need to be finished.

The "flower" on the right here is just pinned on for the moment. It will go there as an applique once I get something to sew it to in there. If you're wondering - no - it will not be a regular rectangle when it's done. Whoever ends up with this one is going to have to have a good sense of humour. Of course, knowing about Beetlejuice would be good, too! Or they won't get the joke!
One reason so slow with the Beetle is that I spent most after work time this week hand stitching the binding to Red or White - the wine quilt. It's totally done now and I promise a pix eventually, but it's a big baby so I need a couple of people to hold it up. The Divas will be reconvening next weekend so I'll enlist them!
And as a final note, Kristie's quilt that I quilted on Harley fetched $350 in a silent auction for STARS Air Ambulance! We are both thrilled with that outcome! Yay!
Have a great week!

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