Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ten Year Plan

I'm reading a rather interesting book right now: The Self-Esteem Trap: Raising Confident and Compassionate Kids in an Age of Self-Importance by Polly Young-Eisendrath, PhD. This book has absolutely nothing to do with quilting, except in it the author refers to "Peterson and Seligman's ten-year rule, that no one can make a truly creative contribution to a field without first devoting a full decade to mastering the field."

This is a fancy way of saying "practice makes perfect."

Translated to my quilt making skills, I have another nine or so years before I need to worry about producing "truly creative" quilts! In the meantime, I'll have a lot of fun practicing and maybe in nine or ten years, I'll be able to retire and devote a lot more time to getting better at making quilts!

If you want an interesting read about why "our" kids are the way they are - not my kids of course - they are perfect! :) - read this book!

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  1. Hi Mary, same rule of thumb goes for photography (which I am not but striving for better images) they say once you reach 10,000 photos you should know what you are doing...I'm at about 1300 on my new Nikon so I'll chat with you when I reach the 10K mark LOL