Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Round-Up

Beetlejuice! I found a pix online, printed, traced and turned it into an applique.

Worked on Beetlejuice each night after work this week. I think it's going to one of those things you either like or hate. I personally like this - it amuses me greatly! But I guess some people will think it looks like a "dog's breakfast," as my Mom would say. But it takes quite a lot of fussing to put a dog's breakfast together, let me tell you! It all started with the black and white stripes. When I started messing around with the colours, it reminded me of the Beetlejuice colours. I was initially thinking of the movie, but then I remember the kids used to watch the cartoon, which was totally done in these bright, harsh colours - so I think that's maybe what I was remembering. In any event, a quick search on line confirmed my memory - these are the Beetlejuice colours and patterns!

Here's the haunted house - again, found a pix, but made this a bit wonky and did a pieced block.

Here's the long shot. You can see there are still quite a few places to "fill in the blanks." I'm not going to make it rectangular - it will be irregular around the edges. I can't imagine Beetlejuice in a regular rectangular quilt! What's missing? Maybe some sandworms!
I spent the better part of today loading up Harley with "Red or White" - the quilt top I made over the Christmas holidays. I'll start quilting it tomorrow. It's the biggest quilt I've made to date so it will take awhile to do all the quilting.

Finally - here is Kristie's STAR Air Ambulance quilt all done. She was delivering it to her Mom to put up for auction or raffle to raise money for STARs.


  1. Bright is good, and that is a very bright quilt - I love the free-form creativity of it!

  2. I find it hard to do a "normal" quilt. It means there is always a surprise at the end. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Oh well - I think if I do it enough eventually I'll figure out what works and what doesn't work.