Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Accounting Time

So where am I at? I think I must be a "real quilter" now. I have several projects started but not finished... Up to now, I was starting, finishing before going to next thing.

Sew... at the moment I have the gold stars started. Ran out of fabric on that one so had to go shopping but there were a number of snow storms and I'm a wuss when it comes to winter driving. And I knew there was a sale coming up after Christmas, so I decided to just wait for that. Which is what I did.

In the meantime, I started the "Red or White" wine quilt. I was going great guns on that - had three blocks left, when I ran out of the yellow I was using! So needed more fabric (seems to be a theme - mostly due to my lack of planning - I just buy a meter of fabric and hope for the best because I never know exactly what I'm going to be doing...).

Dorothy and I went to the sale on the first day and it was insane. There is nothing on the planet that I want or need badly enough to elbow through a packed crowd to the back sale tables and dig through the bolts. Plus, there was a cutting line probably 30 to 50 deep and each person had a stack of bolts so at any given time probably half the fabric was waiting in line. Dorothy and I went in, turned around and left.

We stopped at a number of other stores on our way back and I did get some yellow to finish up the wine quilt - but of course I couldn't find the SAME yellow - so it's a different one - but you have to look pretty closely to see that they are different. I finished the top for that quilt, now I have to put the backing together, wash the batting (yes, I'm a washer - old habits die hard - I wash all fabric and batting - press the batting out before I put it in the quilt), and get it loaded onto Harley for quilting. I will need assistance to get a pix. The darn thing turned into an almost queen sized quilt - I thought 5*6 12 inch blocks would be a good size - I think 4*5 would have been better! But the upside is I'll get a good workout on Harley with it.

I've also been itching to get going on some of the other books I have - particularly Quilters Playtime - Games with Fabrics by Dianne S. Hire. So the above and below pix show the beginning of a quilt using some of her ideas. I think I'll probably have tried every technique in the book by the time I get the thing done. I think it's pretty cool, but that's just me. I'll be curious to see what others think.

I think I'll call it Beetlejuice because the colours and patterns reminded me of the Michael Keaton movie. When I showed it to Joe, that's the first thing he said - "Beetlejuice"! So I guess I'm not so nuts after all!

And I did get back to the fabric sale later in the week. It was much better so I was able to look through the tables and find some things that I needed (for the gold stars) and things that I saw that looked useful or cool.
Kristie is making a quilt to donate to STARS Air Ambulance for either an auction or raffle - I can't remember. To practice on Harley, I quilted it for her. Can't believe she trusted me enough to do it for her! I'm still learning! But here it is. I don't think she names her quilts but maybe she should call it STARS Air Horses. :)

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