Monday, July 20, 2009

Kokopelli Blues

Chris is on holiday - in Peachland at our parents' place near Kelowna. There is a wildfire very near there. Our Mom is totally stressed. So far their place is OK, but they have friends in other areas who have been evacuated. It's very frightening for them. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the worst is over.

All that to say, Chris is not available to model her quilt. I had Joe hold it up for me last week with the intention that I would have Chris do it later. He's on our deck at the back of the house. It was starting to get a bit darker so the pix is a bit dark.

As you can see, I relented and did the border. It just had to be done. My problem was deciding which fabric to use. I had some yellow like one of the reds, I had some of one of the reds (so a yellow fabric and a red fabric). I asked Joe which one he liked because I couldn't make up my mind. He said none of the above, and suggested I use the blue, which was a brilliant idea as it turns out. Not just another pretty face, that guy!

And I decided to call it "Kokopelli Blues."

I took the next two out on the front lawn about 7:45 pm or so - a bit brighter. I will get Chris to model it eventually - in full sunlight.

Here is a close up of Kokopelli.

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