Saturday, July 4, 2009

Look What I Found!!!

I've been moving things around for the basement reno and I came across a quilt I made for Craig when he was a baby. He's 28 now, so the darn thing is that old! It's the only quilt I'd made up to last year (see first post of this blog).

I believe I used a pattern I found in a magazine. All the little bugs and animals are hand appliqued (not glued on first!). The back is flannel and I don't think there is any batting in there. I also hand stitched the edges. It's been washed quite a few times without falling apart, so I guess I did an OK job. The things you do for your first born!

Anyway - I can't get rid of the darn thing. Maybe if Craig ever procreates I'll pass it on.

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