Monday, July 20, 2009

More Musing

There were a number of fabric sales in Calgary lately. I love sales. And in fact, I am pretty religious about ONLY buying fabric when it's on sale. I have referenced my dominant Scottish genetics before.

Unfortunately, one store was going out of business, which is the reason that it had a 45% off sale. It has had a couple of sales recently. I was wondering what was up because these stores typically do not have sales so frequently. Now I know. I did purchase some fabric, but I also picked up a few books....

I have done a lot of beading on clothing items but these books have some cute ideas for little gift type items. More things to make for unsuspecting friends and relatives!

Thinking Outside the Block was on my "hit list" to get so I was delighted to be able to pick it up on sale. My true confession is that I had copied about 80% of this book, so I'm happy to actually own the book. It's so much nicer and this way I have it legally!
As I said, the sad thing about this particular sale is that now the store is gone. Apparently the rent was doubled (at least this is the story we heard) and rather than try to find a place to move to, the owner decided to pack up and retire to Costa Rica. Good for her, bad for us! This was the store closest to my house!
And the other bad is that a number of jobs disappear with the store. A sad day.
The other sales did not signal such an ominous demise - at least I hope not! Picked up more fabric at both of those, too. My stash continues to grow.

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