Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Divas' Day

July 25 - Divas' Day!

It was at my house again and I seem to be camera impaired when I'm at my place - didn't take any pix until the very last minute before Divas were leaving. We had the food, the chat, the sewing, the food (thanks again to Gourmet Diva Susan ably assisted by Diva Karen) and the fun.

Three of the divas were hand stitching binding to quilts from previous days and the remaining three were working on the top for the last quilt. We started out to make "a quilt" for the auction and ended up with six. We've decided to call a halt and see if these ones generate any interest. In the meantime, when we have future get-togethers we'll work on our own projects (e.g. help Dorothy with some of her wedding gifts for her sons!).

Since it's all about the quilts, I was brilliant enough to get a couple of pix of the most recent finished quilts before everyone went home.

Here Susan is holding up the not quite finished quilt - it's green and pink.

This is the Christmas quilt - modeled by Kristie and Susan.

Black and white quilt - also modelled by K and S.Back of BW quilt.

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