Monday, October 19, 2009

All the Kings Men

* the Diva quilts were put on the silent auction block today - things are looking good - they all have bids already - one as high as $100!!!!

* close to having Elaine's Place quilt top finished

* started stitching the 140 "disappearing nine patch" patches together for Oh Canada tonight. My friend Margaret is having a fund raiser for her charity Inspire Africa so I offered it to her for her silent auction - that's on or about November 19, so I'll have to move a bit faster!

* Harley is all fixed and ready to go - had the first of my "unlimited lessons" - I really just need to get some quilting done to learn how to use him

*working really gets in the way of sewing time!

*not to mention painting - the new bathroom was ready and I'm the official painter

*have a great week!

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