Thursday, October 8, 2009

Making Progress?

I'm never sure if I'm going to like my quilts. It's the chance you take when you're flying by the seat of your pants - "no rules." I have learned that they always look better when all the pieces are stitched together. I'm still not sure that I'll like Elaine's Place - but it's getting closer to completion.

Someone asked how many birds or bird houses I was going to make. I said I'd stop when I have "enough" because I really didn't know. The answer is: 7 flowers, 5 birds, 9 small bird houses and 3 big ones (the big ones are equivalent to two 6" blocks). And I've made 10 filler blocks. I need 3 more. I think that should add up to 40 blocks (5 by 8 blocks - plus the house and picket fence). That won't be the end of it, but that will be most of it. Stay tuned.

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