Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bird Houses

Having spent the better part of the weekend acquiring Harley, doing household chores and sleeping off a migraine, I thought I'd best do at least SOME sewing so that Harley can eventually earn his keep. Here are the bird houses for Elaine's Place that I put together after dinner. They are considerably less fussy than the LBBs that will occupy them!
I'm considering using buttons as the openings to the bird houses, rather than appliqued circles. I'm also thinking of adding a few small buttons to give the LBBs eyes and the flowers stamens. I'll keep that option open and see what I can find for buttons.


  1. Hi Mary, I love your bird house made out of the bird house fabrics...similar feel to thebird house block for one I'm working on my Lynette Anderson (My Home or Yours) - What are you making with these - how many do you need to get done - so cute love the colours.

  2. Here's the thing, Val - I don't know. I'll just stop making them when I've got "enough." If you check a few earlier posts you'll see some birds, flowers and a house with picket fence all for the same quilt. I'm not actually using a pattern - just a few blocks that I've found here and there - and in the case of the house and fence, just made it up. It's a quilt for my sis-in-law who has a little house and an tiny but amazing garden - and she likes birds. Check back from time to time - it will eventaully be finished - I hope I'm going to like it - that's the thing about just "making it up" - never sure it will turn out the way I imagine it will!