Friday, October 23, 2009

Canada Scramble - Before Meeting Harley

I finally got the "disappearing nine patch" stitched together. I didn't think I'd like it (I've noticed there are quite a few things I don't think I'll like) but I think there are two lessons here:
1 - finish it first before deciding, and
2 - pretty much anything looks good in a fabulous border!

It's sort of like I love pastry and I'll eat just about anything wrapped in pastry!

I started out with the name "Oh Canada" - but I reserve the right to change my mind and I've changed it. "Canada Scramble" is much better, I think!

Here is the "scramble" - I more or less randomly put the fabric combos together and other than putting the prints in the spots that wouldn't be cut (mostly - I missed on a few at the beginning) because I wanted the prints to show, it was pretty random. If you are doing this block and you want to have more of a "non-scramble" - you will have to be consistent with the fabric placement.

So - the plan for the weekend is to introduce Canada Scramble to Harley - it will be my first long-arm quilted quilt. Wish me luck!


  1. Mary,
    That is really lovely. And that border does make the quilt exceptional! Have fun quilting it!
    Karen in Edmonton
    (I found your blog on a quilt gallery search for alberta quilters)

  2. Hi Mary, how patriotic you are - I love being from Canada and working with blocks like the maple leaf (our Canada Flag). I've always wanted to do a black, white and red quilt - I even have the fabrics but just have never gotten day;)
    Can't wait to see how Harley does;)