Monday, October 12, 2009

Harley makes his debut/Chris models her quilt - finally!

Why use one pix when four will do? :)

I finally got to Harley today - I HAD to fix Elaine's quilt before I could do anything else. I guess I'm pretty linear that way. Not that Elaine's quilt is making me happy - but it's better than it was.

Anyway - back to Harley.....

If you look closely you can see my name in there.

I'm really good at the squiggly things! Not so good at anything else. This is an old sheet - good advice I got from someone. Practice on an old sheet. I'm also using up some disgusting thread.

There are still a couple of unresolved technical issues with Harley: the stitch regulators don't work and there is a bit of "play" in the "table" that the sewing machine sits on. We replaced one of the stitch regulators and Saturday - now neither of them work. So we'll keep chipping away at that.
We did mention the "play" at the store and the fellow thought that it wouldn't be an issue. I do notice it though and I think if I were trying to do a fairly intricate pattern it would become an issue. Will keep chipping away to get these issues resolved.
It's just frustrating - it seems so often when a purchase is made that there is something wrong. Mostly, no one says anything because it's too much of an inconvenience. But on a major purchase - things just darn well should work properly!
Anyway - as I said, will keep chipping away at it - in the meantime, looking forward to my first "unlimited" lesson on Oct 17.
We were over to Chris and Karl's for dinner last night - turkey! I took my camera so I wouldn't forget to have her model her quilt. Here she is with Kokopelli Blues.
Karl said - "show the back!" - So she obliged....

OK - well - actually - the quilt back, Chris!

Oh - work with me, Baby!

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